Extradarea lui Basescu: El Durant az Agya

Inspre USA? Cu un dictator in plus:



Nu stiam cine lipseste, urmatorul va fi Victor Orban.
USA va asteapta cu usile deschise. Aici este raiul pe pamint; nu uitati sa va aduceti cartile de CEC, nevasta si copii 🙂 si cei din flori!
In graba se alatura si dictatorul Siriei Bashar al-Assad, pish, pish! Aici in America i-au facut un adevarat cult al personalitatii cat timp a slujit agenda Americana…exact ca si cu ceausescu, atat timp cat a fost “bunicel”.

Bashar al-Assad has also proven to be a ruthless dictator whose crackdown on internal dissent has left more than 5,000 Syrians dead. What happened to the reluctant eye surgeon committed to modernizing his country along Western lines?”

Cel putin aici stim cu cine votam!




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  1. And the Libyan animal…is also welcome @ the Animal farm in the USA 🙂

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