daji October 30th-Latin American Studies Orientation Lunch 12noon-RSVP please

Latin American Studies Orientation Lunch 12noon-RSVP please

Date: Thu, 02 Oct 2014 23:39:53 -0700
From: james wilkie <james.wilkie
To: btaub
CC: Magda Yamamoto <myamamoto, César Ayala <cjayala, Stephen Bell Contact <dunsop, randalj, sloza, Elizabeth Marchant <marchant, abel, Robin Derby <derby, knielsen, passos, sbhecht, dhayesb, geddes, Ruben Hernandez-Leon <rubenhl, josoriok, David Arriaza <darriaza, Nancy Gomez <ngomez, Cynthia Gomez <gomez, Kevin Terraciano <terra, Gaby Solomon <gsolomon, Olga Lazin Andrei <olazin, Olga Lazin Andrei <olgalazin

I have a brilliant scholar, Dr. Olga Lazin, I highly recommend for teaching. Contact her at olazin She has found the solution to rotation crops after 29 years of research in the agricultural field.

Professor James Wilkie

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btaub wrote:

Dear Latin American Studies Faculty,and Staff,

This a reminder message that We hope you will join us in welcoming our
new and ongoing students during our delicious Orientation Lunch on
Tuesday, September 30 in 10383 Bunche at 12noon. Please mark your
calendars to attend (you may RSVP to me and/or Magda). It will be
great to have you introduce yourself and your field of study in Latin
America. The presence of our faculty is an essential component of
orienting our students to the program and campus for 2014-15. If you
cannot make it to lunch, please come by between 10:30am -12pm to
introduce yourself during our orientation session.
Thank you in advance.

Saludos,Hasta Pronto, Ate Logo,

Bonnie and Magda

Bonnie Taub,MPH,MA,Ph.D.
Chair- Latin American Studies-M.A.Program
UCLA International Institute
Fielding School of Public health and Department of Anthropology
Los Angeles,CA 90095-1487
Email: btaub
Tel. 310 206-2117

Magda Yamamoto
Student Advisor
International Institute IDP’s
10373 Bunche Hall
Los Angeles, CA 90095-1487

Tel. (310) 206-6571


About Drolgalazin

Dr Olga Lazin is a UCLA graduate in History. American Constitutional and Globalization history. She is a published author, and History Lecturer. Read her book: http://www.decentralizedglobalization.com. You can access and download her books at: http://www.olgalazin.com In Hard copy: Globalization is Decentralized: Easter Europe and Latin America Compared, Civic And Civil Society, Foundations And U.S. Philanthropy, published 2016 Author HOUSE, USA. Book: http://www.decentralizedglobalization.com She has been teaching History at UCLA, Cal State University Dominguez Hills, Cal State University Long Beach, as well as University of Guadalajara (UDG) and University of Quintana Roo, in Mexico for over 26 years. Her specialty is History of Food, Globalization of technology, food History, and the American Constitution. As a hobby, she is practicing permaculture. Her radio show is accessible 24 hours a day at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dr_olga_lazin FACEBOOK: OLGA LAZIN DROlga Lazin Twitter; @olgamlazin Instagram; #lazinolga E-mail; olazin@ucla.edu
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