Welcome to the Self Mastery Course: The AGREEMENTS

The Book: The Four Agreements:

From: Gary van Warmerdam <gary>
Date: Mon, Oct 13, 2014 at 12:13 AM
Subject: Welcome to the Self Mastery Course
To: Olga Andrei <olgalazin>

Hello Dr. Olga

and Welcome to the Pathway to Happiness Self Mastery Series

Access to Session 1 on Gratitude is available within the Free Membership Area at.

Access to Session 2 will be available in one week. You will receive an email when the membership system makes it available. This time interval is intentional and for your benefit. The time for practice and integration is helpful.

We begin with a simple exercise of Gratitude.

The gratitude exercise is teaching you how to be in charge of your own emotions. As you practice more conscious control of your emotions
you begin to be more comfortable being present with them.

A second function of the gratitude exercise is that it undermines one of our
core false beliefs. The belief that emotion is an uncontrolled reaction to
something outside of us. Even if we don’t believe this intellectually, we have
spent most of our lives practicing emotions as a reaction.

By creating emotion as a conscious choice you do more then tell yourself
you control your emotions, you create the experience. This
is far more powerful in changing beliefs than any words or affirmations.

Maybe the most valuable aspect of this exercise is that you are learning to
direct your attention. Having control over where you focus your attention and what you express is the key to self mastery. More about this in Session 3.

In a week you will be sent an email letting you know you can access
Session 2 on the Recovering Personal Power. This is a completely
different exercise. So if you don’t care for the Gratitude exercise,
that’s fine, there is variety in the course. Not every assignment
will be for everyone.

Not everyone likes the Gratitude practice in the beginning. Some people may be in too much emotional pain to engage in this practice. This is no reason
for discouragement or feeling like a failure in spite of what the internal
dialog might be saying. It’s just where you are in your journey. If this
is the case the next three sessions will make a lot more sense.

The exercises are all very different. They engage different parts of your
mind and emotions.

This time interval is intentional and for your benefit. The time for practice and integration is helpful.

If you want more material to listen to in the meantime go to the podcast area
http://www.pathwaytohappiness.com/insights.htm and download the free mp3 audio. You can also find these same audios via iTunes podcast if you prefer. The material will give you plenty to think about between
the course sessions.

Thank You, Gary


About Drolgalazin

Dr Olga Lazin is a UCLA graduate in History. American Constitutional and Globalization history. She is a published author, and History Lecturer. Read her book: http://www.decentralizedglobalization.com. You can access and download her books at: http://www.olgalazin.com In Hard copy: Globalization is Decentralized: Easter Europe and Latin America Compared, Civic And Civil Society, Foundations And U.S. Philanthropy, published 2016 Author HOUSE, USA. Book: http://www.decentralizedglobalization.com She has been teaching History at UCLA, Cal State University Dominguez Hills, Cal State University Long Beach, as well as University of Guadalajara (UDG) and University of Quintana Roo, in Mexico for over 26 years. Her specialty is History of Food, Globalization of technology, food History, and the American Constitution. As a hobby, she is practicing permaculture. Her radio show is accessible 24 hours a day at: http://www.blogtalkradio.com/dr_olga_lazin FACEBOOK: OLGA LAZIN DROlga Lazin Twitter; @olgamlazin Instagram; #lazinolga E-mail; olazin@ucla.edu
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