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People Taking Matters Into Their Own Hands: Don’t Poison Our Food FDA!

Originally posted on Olga Lazin Ai:
People’s Movement against Big Food killing people: fight against obesity & Diabetes IISign the Pledge, People’s Movement      Dr Olga Lazin & Stephanie, FIlm Director in Los Angeles, CALIFORNIA.     With Stephanie…

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10 Reasons Scorpio Is The Most Interesting Sign To Date — Dating, Fitness, Celeb Gossip & Everything College | CC

Cute; I love this article; Let me be clear: I’m a Scorpio and proud. However, I don’t think Scorpio is the most interesting person to date just because I’m lucky enough to be one. Dating a Scorpio requires a lot … Continue reading

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USA next president

USA NEXT PRESIDENTAPRIL 12, 2016 DROLGALAZIN LEAVE A COMMENT EDITI love Hillary. She gave it straight to Bernie about him supporting the NRA lobby! Source: USA next president

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