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My Travels to America & Seminars, Conferences, and References

Travel and Research___________________________________________   Europe                            Americas   Austria: Sept 1991                                  Canada: Oct 1992, Nov 1995 Belgium: Sept 1995                                 Mexico: Yearly, 1992– Bulgaria: Sept 1992                                                   England: Jan and May 2001                             France:   1991-1992                                USA: October 1992– Hungary: 1991, … Continue reading

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Academic Coaching & Relaxed Brain Waves

Link: Essay on 4/23/14 What I Have Learned in the HAM Program and the High Gain Project By Dr OLGA ANDREI In this essay I am comparing the four approaches to recovery form alcoholism, approaches that I have been … Continue reading

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FInancial Disaster in ROmania: More Pigs at the “Troaca”

Analysis by FT on the developments in Romania, as Basescu is trying to save his bloody vampiric regime, by bringing in leeches, younger, and securistic: Financial times, February 8, 2012 pm Bucharest’s test of People’s Nerves, to save his asshole! … Continue reading

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Why Romania Will Not get Into the Schengen Space: de ce nu va intra Romania in Spatiul Schengen

Chiar asa a decazut nivelul invatamintului Romanesc? Anii in care mi-am luat eu Masteratul la UBB in Cluj, eram mandrii cu totii de profesorii nostri, de Decan, si academia era in floare. iar acum, Basescu numeste o nulitate absoluta ca … Continue reading

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Delapidated to the Bone and Violated Romania: Saraca RO

Poor and isolated Romania! Nemernicia lui Base’ Un dezastru total: Protestati nominalizarea lui Catalin Baba; incompetent, protejatul lui basescu: Acest om este sub mediocru ca si lector (vedeti prognoza propriilor sai studenti, google numele lui sub statia de radio platita … Continue reading

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The End Of Capitalism, Or Not Just Yet?

One of the readers of this Blog, has written to me: “Olgi, tudom Te sokkal inteligensebb vagy, hogy meghajolj ezelott a “leftist” garbage-hez. Just look at the guy before Orban: comunist—terrorist Gyurcsany. Who should be in jail for the rest … Continue reading

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Dictatorship in Hungary? Invitation to the White House; Emily’s List Invitation

                                  Today’s Lesson: Don’t Change the constitution Unless A Rugged Dictator, the European Union Will Sue You! Or:   Mi A Baj Magyar Országal? El Durant a Viktor Orban &  Attila Gruber Agya In continuing the analysis of all things considered … Continue reading

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The European Union versus Viktor Orban

W<b>e are in the public domain. Everything is debatable. I understand that, and I can deal with it. The question is: Who is this pig?     2 ARTICLES & MORE SOURCES on Eu VS Hungary:     The European … Continue reading

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This Blog Linked From Here The Web This Blog Linked From Here The Web Tuesday, December 6, 2011 PETITION: Tell Boehner the Payroll Tax Cut is not ‘chicken sh–.’ SIGN NOW: The defining issue of our time: Why, President Obama … Continue reading

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