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My Travels to America & Seminars, Conferences, and References

Travel and Research___________________________________________   Europe                            Americas   Austria: Sept 1991                                  Canada: Oct 1992, Nov 1995 Belgium: Sept 1995                                 Mexico: Yearly, 1992– Bulgaria: Sept 1992                                                   England: Jan and May 2001                             France:   1991-1992                                USA: October 1992– Hungary: 1991, … Continue reading

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MEDIA CENSORSHIP IN AMERICA: To Project In UCLA Class: E-mail Mexican Hist class: Chapo’s rise & 2nd fall

Multiple topics of discussion today: A. Read the article on The Intercept. Impliedly, then, the bad guys are encouraged to read THE INTERCEPT? The middle (neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’) is consigned to limbo? What do you think?    B. ANALYSIS … Continue reading

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Academic Coaching & Relaxed Brain Waves

Link: Essay on 4/23/14 What I Have Learned in the HAM Program and the High Gain Project By Dr OLGA ANDREI In this essay I am comparing the four approaches to recovery form alcoholism, approaches that I have been … Continue reading

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The Nutritional Component Missing In High Gain Project, in Santa Monica: The role of Ketamine

HOW TO PREVENT ADDICTIONS TO ALCOHOL AND SUGAR   This is a study on the roots of addiction to sugar. Al c. Anonymous is only one approach to alcohol addiction,which is actually sugar addiction, as most females and men as … Continue reading

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Beta-Endorphins Make YOU Happy Along With Serotonin: Potatoes

As I promised, here it is to my readers: In Potatoes [symbolizing complex carbohydrates], Not Prozac [symbolizing drugs & alcohol], Dr. DesMaisons makes her clear convincing case that persons who fear that they are self-indulgent, undisciplined, or lazy, may be … Continue reading

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No Schengen Space for Romania, Why? Pila nemernicii, szabo

Stimati cititori: Why Romania Will Not get Into the Schengen Space: de ce nu va intra Romania in Spatiul Schengen: Coruptia, Clientelismul, Mita, nepotismul, Pila (conexiuni, ca si in cazul din Sighet) si Cumetrismul Posted on 2012/02/09 by olgalazin Chiar … Continue reading

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