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My Travels to America & Seminars, Conferences, and References

Travel and Research___________________________________________   Europe                            Americas   Austria: Sept 1991                                  Canada: Oct 1992, Nov 1995 Belgium: Sept 1995                                 Mexico: Yearly, 1992– Bulgaria: Sept 1992                                                   England: Jan and May 2001                             France:   1991-1992                                USA: October 1992– Hungary: 1991, … Continue reading

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DR JAMES Wilkie© On Food Culture in Mexico: The Importance of Supplements In Staying Strong

DR olga LAZIN & JAMES wilkie©. Dr in History, Professor James Waldo Wilkie & Dr Olga Lazin, Biographer are heading for Mexico City to commission a book on Food Culture and corporations, the enriched tortilla, and fincas’ study. The study … Continue reading

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