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Invitation to the White House and Horty Miklos

Invitation To The White House II And Hungary’s Junky DemocracyPosted on 2012/01/29 by olgalazinA. LETTER FROM THE WHITE HOUSE; TO DR OLGA M. LAZIN-ANDREI ———- Forwarded message ———-From: Olga Date: Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 8:32 PMSubject: What do you … Continue reading

Posted in barack Obama, Constitution, Fidesz party, Horty Miklos, Hungary, quasi-fascism, Viktor Orban | Leave a comment Christmas with my family is a great deal for me. I watched Duna TV every day, and enjoyed the snow falling. I missed snow for 21 years now. drolgalazin@verizon.netOn TV I have seen a lot of people on foodstamps, … Continue reading

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Miért Szeretem Magyar Országot

Why Do I love Hungary? Drága Barátaim! Végre látható és megtudható mik történnek, Orbán Viktor itt lesöpörte és zsebre tette a brüszeli uniós parlamentet a bal liberális tájékozatlan,felkészületlen, támadókkal együtt,utána volt egysajtótájékoztató is,ahol szintén kiállt az országunkért,ahogy ezt még senki … Continue reading

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A Post-Stalinist Constitution?

Starting Today, I am going to post all discussions inside th European Union’s Commission, debating problems in the EU countries: LIVE BLOG: Bruxelles Blog: January 18, by Peter Spiegel AdvId: 2497392 AdId: 252203617 CrId: 46183696 Description:;251380;205;gif;FinancialTimes;728x90Leader/? Brussels blog … Continue reading

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EU versus Hungary, but Not the Hungarian People

We are in the public domain. Everything is debatable. I understand that, and I can deal with it. The question is: Who is this pig? 2 ARTICLES & MORE SOURCES on Eu VS Hungary: The European Union politely told to … Continue reading

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Mi A Baj Magyar Országal? El Durant az Attila Gruber Agya

In Continuing the analysis of all things considered in Hungary, let us expose the situation here:The European Union has asked Victor Orban to redo the Constitution, or else, Hungary will be kicked out of the European Union.I have deposed my … Continue reading

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Szegény MagyarOrszág

Teljesen elsulyedt: Itten Angólul van, A Vége A fórint-nak: January 12, 2012 7:06 pmHungarians bank on Austria to secure savingsBy Irta: Kester Eddy in Neusiedl am See, AustriaNeusiedl am See, a market town in eastern Austria, boasts a healthy … Continue reading

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