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CURATARE DE COLON in Doar 2 zile: GHIMBIRUL e super important

Clean your colon naturally, no enema

Colon cleansing

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A UNITED COUNTRY: Death to the World is a Criminal Organization in ROMANI: Cica vremuri tulburi si ciparea Romanilor, HAHAHAHA!

I just  honestly hope the USA’s NSA will detect these sick people publishing BS online. Animals: « George Friedman: “Romania, carne de tun pentru NATO si Statele Unite”. Mai vedem noi… Mintea cea putina a SRI-ului si operatiunea Mossadului, in Romania: … Continue reading

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UCLA New Project Development & Research

Originally posted on Olga Lazin Ai:
SUMMER CAMP AT UCLA SERVICES: American Language for Academic Purposes, in Westwood, Los Angeles.   AND Summer Camp at UCLA, Enrollment & Lodging. 6 weeks of Courses, and two weeks visiting the Sony Film…

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Dr Olga Lazin Today’s Notes

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This Is the Tipping Point for Viktor

After being scolded for inserting antidemocratic statutes in the new Constitution, Viktor has turned now to the churches. He really messed this up now, attack on religious freedom is not a good choice.   Maybe the new government should tax … Continue reading

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Invitation To The White House II And Hungary’s Junky Democracy

A.  LETTER FROM THE WHITE HOUSE; TO DR OLGA M. LAZIN-ANDREI ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Olga <olazin@ucla.edu> Date: Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 8:32 PM Subject: What do you want to ask me? To: Olga Lazin <olgalazin@gmail.com>, Vaughn_De_Spenza <VAughnD@aol.com> … Continue reading

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