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MEDIA CENSORSHIP IN AMERICA: To Project In UCLA Class: E-mail Mexican Hist class: Chapo’s rise & 2nd fall

Multiple topics of discussion today: http://olgaandreimagda.blogspot.com/2014/08/censorship-in-us-military-it-bans.html A. Read the article on The Intercept. Impliedly, then, the bad guys are encouraged to read THE INTERCEPT? The middle (neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’) is consigned to limbo? What do you think?    B. ANALYSIS … Continue reading

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Stop the Inequality Machine: The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Another FTA Only to enhance poverty in the Unieted States

Stop the INEQUALITY MACHINE: The Trans-Pacific Partnership: Another FTA (free trade agreement) seet up only enhance poverty. http://wp.me/p29vEX-d5 We need more women in Congress! Read Joseph Stiglitz’s article on “THE WORNG SIDE OF GLOBALIZATION”, head Economist at NEW YORK TIMES. … Continue reading

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